Oh Canada! You’re so damn cute.

So far the main thing I have learned from the Olympics is that Canada is freakin’ adorable.

The opening night mini-movie about Canada presented by Tom Brokaw told a story I never heard before:

On September 11th, 2001 when the US closed the airspace there were a ton of flights already on their way here from countries all over the world.

Canada let them land in their airports. But of course the people couldn’t go anywhere for days, so the different towns where the planes landed teamed up with the Red Cross and volunteered to show these stranded travelers some kindness. The passengers didn’t stay at the airports, they were taken to various homes, churches, and community centers that had been set up to receive them. The Canadian people showed them a great time, giving them tours of their towns, helping them do laundry, and providing whatever medical services they might have needed.

I had never ever heard this before and I was crying by the end of it. It’s amazing to hear about. I searched online and I found this article written by a Delta flight attendant about her experience being one of the flights rerouted to Canada. A great read and it might make you really appreciate our neighbors to the north.


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  1. melaniehamlett

    I, too, can’t believe I’ve never heard this story. AMAZING!

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