Gluten-Free Me

I recently found out that I have celiac disease. This means that for the REST OF MY LIFE I have to eat a gluten-free diet, or live a gluten-free lifestyle.

For someone who grew up in New York, practically mainlining pizza and bagels, it was terrible news. But for a girl who had years and years of illnesses that made no sense, having an answer was a godsend.

My friends have been incredibly supportive. They even email me when they find new gluten-free places I should try.

As someone with a major restriction, I’m also newly in love with social networking sites like Facebook. I may have been using these sites since Friendster but never have these sites been more useful than since finding out I need to be gluten-free.

People leave me comments about restaurants they were at where there was a gluten-free menu. Or if they hear there is a gluten-free option in their neighborhood, I sign on to find a link on my wall.

My friends have made it actually EXCITING to be gluten-free, because I feel like I have all these wonderful surprises all the time. And I already feel much better even though I have only been gluten-free for just over a month.

I love junk food. Love pasties and cookies. The picture above is of gluten-free cookies from Tully’s, a new gluten-free bakery I haven’t tried yet, but a friend sent me the link. I bet they’re delicious.  The day before Valentine’s Day my boyfriend made me gluten-free pancakes, and they tasted EXACTLY the same as regular pancakes. (I also realized how devoid of nutrition pancakes are in general. Sheesh!)

I could think about all the foods I can’t have, but I don’t. So far I just notice how much healthier I feel. I think the universe realized I would never stop eating doughnuts unless it made me stop.


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  1. ill be praying for you daisy you not alone i have diabetes and you know something i am living a healthy life.but i am here for you my friend.

    Julio Luna

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