Musings on the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

  • Watching the Oscars with friends is really fun. Watching them alone is insanely boring. It’s like the difference between watching Avatar in 3D IMAX versus 2D Fullscreen.
  • Seeing Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin together makes me wish would Tina Fey would appear and show them how to really make fun of someone.
  • Unexpected John Hughes tribute was a nice touch. Somehow it didn’t make me feel old, but it did make me feel weird about Judd Nelson.
  • Wait. I’m sorry. Do they think we DON’T want to see people accepting the awards we are tuning in to watch them receive. Jeez.
  • Every year Ben Stiller does something that doesn’t make me laugh at the Academy Awards. I wish that old man who produced “The New Tenants” hadn’t been cut off to bring this bit on. This long bit that is starting with so much silence and waiting.
  • Does the fact that 2009 was THE YEAR OF DYING CELEBRITIES mean we are in for an extra long “In Memoriam” tribute? No, in fact it felt oddly short.
  • They shouldn’t give out the Oscar for Sound Mixing until all the DVDs are out and you can tell if you have to constantly be raising/lowering the volume every time they transition from dialogue to sound effects.
  • Wow, as someone who was born and bred in Brooklyn, I can honestly say that might have been the first time I have ever desperately wanted people to STOP breakdancing.
  • Man, people really hate the Weinsteins. If Christoph Waltz wasn’t so unbelievable, Basterds would have won nothing. It’s a shame to think Tarantino might not win certain awards because of “Shakespeare in Love.”

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