On Tastes and Such…

Do you ever think about your preferences? I mean, I know we all have opinions, and we are quick to shout them, tweet them, or just type them into the ether for that rush of self expression, but do you ever think about the things that you prefer over other things that you do not?

It recently occurred to me that I hate fiction short stories. Well, I guess hate is a strong word, but for someone who enjoys reading as much as I do, I had never thought about what it is that I enjoy and do not enjoy reading, I have only really ever thought of WHO I enjoy reading. After multiple failed attempts at making it through the short stories of authors I was already fond of, I started to realize my preferences.

I don’t like fictional short stories, but I love, non-fiction short stories.

I also love auto-biographies, but find biographies to be terribly boring. This is also why my mild interest in Teddy Roosevelt has not yet manifested into full blown fascination (currently waiting for his autobiography to come in at the Library, they only had biographies. Phhssstt.)

As far as full length books go, I enjoy a good fiction novel, but non-fiction full length books that are not autobiographies are not appealing to me.

I really enjoy reading poetry, but it isn’t something I follow, as much as I get really jazzed about it from time to time and take out too many poetry books from the library.

And more than anything, I love facts and information. Some kind of book full of random, or well spaced facts is a really good secret santa gift for me. I will pick it up over and over again.


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