Depends on How You Choose To Take It In

I wish they would just build the Muslim Community Center downtown already. I would like to take a class there to learn more about Islam.
I grew up Catholic. I also know a ton about Judiaism, but I know very little about Islam.
Everyday I buy food from Muslim people. Many cab drivers are Muslim when I go home from work. Multiple Muslim families live in my building. If I trust Muslims with the food I ingest (while living with a disease that is only treatable through what I eat) and I trust them with my life speeding up the FDR drive, and I sit next to them every single day on the subway, and sleep on the other side of a wall from them, why should I fear them?

I’d like to learn more about their culture, just like I have done with all the other groups of people I have lived around in my life. I should be embarrassed for having not done it sooner.
Maybe if they block the community center (which they insist on calling a Mosque) then I should start treating all white people the same. It was a white man who followed me around the subway one night, eventually walking behind me down a dark street until I threatened him with my swiss army knife. It was a drunk white guy who yelled “funny looking n_____” at my friend Josh and I as we walked down Beale Street in Memphis. It’s only ever been white people who told me I “spoke well, considering…,” or asked me such lovely questons as “what are you?”
But I would never do that, because I know that answering hate with hate doesn’t get you anywhere.

Daisy Rosario is a writer and comedian who was in the lobby of the World Trade Center when the first plane struck. She watched the towers fall, and then headed to Beth Israel to see if she could be of any help. She was then “displaced” for 3 months because she lived across the street from the towers at the time. She wore the same clothes for a week since she only had the clothes on her back when she left the house that morning.

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