Musings on Attending Amateur Night at The Apollo

  • This is easily the most entertaining 2 hours of live show I have seen in a while. Keep in mind, I see a LOT of shows.
  • I don’t know if I would ever actively try to go see a comedian named Capone. It would not sound like my cup of tea. But he’s one hell of a host. Pitch perfect.
  • Five year old girl named Queen, wearing one of those “crowns” Queen Latifah used to wear when she was just a rapper, playing an African drum and doing it well? Yes please! Painfully cute.
  • Like tweens all over the world, Harlem loves Justin Beiber. 2 adorable little kids sang that song that goes “baby, baby, baby,” which I assume is it’s name.
  • Can the DJ that spins at intermission DJ every party I go to from here on out? So good.
  • Simon Cowell is right: It’s all about song choice.
  • These seats actually bounce. They are so cushioned. I’m used to beaten up chairs at beat up but lovable comedy venues. No wonder everyone used to look like they were coming out of their seats on the TV show.
  • Dance Party!
  • Ooh, a video about Tito Puente! Boriqua what? Apollo Legend.
  • A gay white boy wins. A trio of cute black girls come in second. My friend, an Asian girl playing a Ukelele, comes in third. The whole thing feels so much more welcoming than it used to seem on tv.

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