Musings on the Jay-Z and Eminem Concert at Yankee Stadium (Special X-Long Edition)

  • Being a Yankees fan means knowing which gate will get me into the stadium quickly. The lines are 150 people deep at the front. Gate 2 – inside in 2 minutes!
  • Sitting here waiting, the concert doesn’t start for an hour and I keep forgetting that Eminem is a part of the show.
  • Tiny white girl in thugged out clothes is bemoaning the fact that Justin Beiber won’t be here: “I was watching the VMAs last night and Eminem was there but then they announced he left cause you know he had to get here, but Justin was there until the end of the show so I gave up on him being a special guest.” This girl looks to be about 19 or 20.
  • If there are this many flashes going off for the opening act then Hov is gonna be blinded.
  • Jersey shore lookalikes just sat next 2 me. One has Pauly D hair, but we used to just call that the white boy blow out in high school.
  • Okay, so the opening act is B.o.B. Which when I saw it I thought stood for bombs over baghdad because I’m old for a hip hop fan.
  • Were chanting Let’s go Yankees, clap clap clap clap clap while we wait.
  • Jersey shore guy next to me just said he’s gonna get the same haircut again tomorrow. Hooray!
  • I’m shocked that it’s just now that I’m smelling weed in the air. It’s a concert. Smelled it sooner when I saw 8 mile in the theatre.
  • Abnormal sentence uttered by someone behind me, particularly at Jay-Z concert: “Walmart was walking distance.”
  • Eminem just took the stage to make me listen to things he needs to work out in therapy.
  • Eminem reminds me of everything I didn’t like about the Inland Empire when I lived on the West Coast.
  • Never thought about it before, but how white boy is it to rap about hating your mom and having girl trouble?!
  • Eminem just said: “How many people out there in NY have ever had a beef with their parents?” What, are we all 12 year olds? Maybe Beiber should be here.
  • Uh, he just started a song that I forgot about which begins with “I am whatever you say I am, if I wasn’t why would I say I am?” Apparently we are 12 year olds! He really is a sad adult tween. Can anyone listen to this music besides suburban 13 year old boys?
  • Em, if I didn’t miss you I certainly did not miss D12. You better do “lose yourself” if I’m gonna be subjected to “purple pills.”
  • I might start cutting myself from all this self pity, just so I can feel alive again.
  • Holy shit!!! The other most boring rapper in the world is the special guest. It’s Mr Mumbles 50 Cent. Greeeeeeat.
  • This is now just a G Unit concert which is basically the only direction it could have gone in that I wouldn’t enjoy.
  • This is making me crave vitamin water.
  • Uh oh, Em is talking to the ladies. I smell songs about rape and murder coming up!
  • Dr Dre is here now, who like a blasphemer I also dont like (yeah, I said it. Repetitive and boring.) But he’s a legend so I’ll take it.
  • I’ve now seen Dr Dre perform Nuthin but a G Thang live. So there that. I realize the thing that makes me like Dre’s songs is Snoop. Snoop is not here.
  • I dislike Eminem the same way I disliked a lot of people in college. Stop making me pay for you to work out your familial issues!
  • Yay! Em closed out with Lose Yourself. It’s the only song of his I like and I like it a lot. I did in fact lose myself during it.
  • Oh snap, LeBron James just came out and got booed by the entire audience! Hahahahaha!
  • Wait, let me explain this. When I say that LeBron just came out I don’t mean on stage. He was just walking to his seat between sets (Em is finished and the lights are up while we wait for Hov) and he was so physically large that the entire audience recognized it was him walking around on the ground level and broke into impromptu boos! I love my city!
  • I don’t even care that LeBron didn’t sign with the Knicks (really Knicks, that was your ENTIRE plan, try to sign the guy everyone wanted?) but that was funny!
  • A 10 minute countdown clock just came up on stage. This didn’t happen for Eminem and oddly on my way here tonight I thought “I bet Jay will put a big countdown up before he comes out, Like the 24 clock.” Weird!
  • 2 minutes til Hov and after playing hip hop for the last 25 minutes they are playing Smells Like Teen Spirit to bring out Jay. I love this.
  • Boom! Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • KANYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 minutes into his set Hov brings out Kanye!!!!
  • Now Nikki Minaj is here. This is gonna be guests galore.
  • Not a lot of thoughts going through my mind except I realize that I am dancing full out as if I am home by myself. One great thing about getting older is that very little embarrasses me anymore.
  • Jay is so good I’ve got nothing to say.
  • Huh? Chris Martin. From Coldplay. He’s singing part of Heart of the City.
  • Wait, now Chris Martin is playing the piano riff from Clocks and Hov is rapping over it.
  • Ok, Jay officially just stopped the show to let Chris Martin do a Coldplay song. Luckily it is one of the one’s I kinda like.
  • How many hip hop shows would stop to do Coldplay and have the whole audience join in? This is 2nd only to when Kanye stopped his show 2 years ago to basically let the audience sing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. And Jay is laughing about all of this. Awesome.
  • Drake in the house! Time to text my Canadian friend. It’s Jimmy from Degrassi!
  • Seeing Jay try not to smile at his wife as she leaves the stage after singing the hook from Young Forever is very sweet. I see you smirking Hov. The mic isn’t hiding it.
  • Whoever this girl is singing on Empire State of Mind is not Alicia Keys cause if it was she’d be insanely pregnant right now. I can tell the rest of the audience doesn’t know this from the way they’re screaming as she comes out.
  • Now that the song is ending, everyone has realized it is not Alicia. You can tell from how little of an ovation they are giving her as this ends. This is the same girl that sang it at the Yankee Parade though.
  • Wow, a lot of people leaving after Empire State of Mind, but Hov isn’t done. I know it’s almost 1am, but I don’t leave this stadium early for anything.
  • Ha! Jay just stopped his song like 30 seconds in. Here is a paraphrasing of what he said: “Whoa whoa whoa, stop the music. Are people leaving? Guess people really gotta get to their cars. Guess that’s important. If you’ve been with me since the beginning, through all the albums, throw your diamonds up. Let’s go.” Nice.
  • The audience has just started ignoring what Jay Z is saying so that we can all throw diamonds up and chant HOVA, HOVA. What a funny problem to have.
  • Jay-Z: “I am so cool. I am so cool it’s not even fair.” This is a really cocky statement, unless you’re standing on stage headlining the first ever concert at Yankee Stadium and it is 1 am and you’re looking out and saying it to thousand of your fans who won’t let you continue your song so they can chant your name. Then it’s just an observation.
  • He’s not really doing a song to end this as much as thanking us over and over again and telling us how much he is appreciating that we are all here and that it was even possible to do this.
  • No encore. I mean he did the song Encore, but no real encore to close the show, just thanks and jokes. Now I’m going to run home (literally, I live a 15 minute walk away) so I can gush to my boyfriend about it.
  • Man, Hov coulda been anywhere in the world tonight, but he was 15 minutes from my house, doing a kick ass show, and I appreciate that.


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2 responses to “Musings on the Jay-Z and Eminem Concert at Yankee Stadium (Special X-Long Edition)

  1. melaniehamlett

    Lady Gaga and Eminem should throw pity parties for each other – maybe we won’t have to hear about how so very hard it is growing up with white privilege.

  2. Had no idea you were such a great story teller. Felt like I was really there…NOT!!!

    Psyche 😉

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