How to Trick Yourself Into A Good Mood On A Bad Day

Step 1: Find your preferred music listening device (iPod, iPhone, computer, stereo?).

Step 2: Play Wake Up by The Arcade Fire.

Step 3: Listen to the whole song.

Now you might be wondering how this works. Three steps seems far too simple for this to be effective, but bear with me…

The song starts with the heavy sound of guitars, which is probably matching the heavy feeling you’re walking around with already. But voices break in, and it’s like you’re yelling and getting out all the bullshit from your whole miserable day.

At this point the song starts to take on an anthemic feeling, which automatically means it should be at least 53% uplifting. Let is wash over you like a character in a movie since you probably already pretend you’re in a movie half the time.

It should be around this point in which you will hear the lyric “children, wake up” which, if the cause of your poor mood is the people around you whom you consider to be sheep, will make you feel slightly smug and not alone.

Shake off the smugness, but retain the not-aloneness and in a few moments you’ll be rewarded with a cathartic yell as the song reaches full anthem potential. It is now 74% uplifting, but you’re only 68% percent of the way there.

I highly suggest singing along, but it’s not entirely necessary.

Now you’ll probably be in your own head for a few seconds, thinking of what a shit day you had and how it shouldn’t be such a big deal, and half of you feels silly for feeling bad, but part of you feels like you should be allowed to mope if you want and the mental conflict grows to be too much for your brain to handle so you zone out…

…and when you come back to the song, it’s changed!

All of a sudden it’s like you’re listening to The Cure from the 1980s. And you’re bopping around because who doesn’t like The Cure from the 1980s? If you don’t you probably deserve to have a shit day.

So now you’re bouncing, and you’re almost dancing, and you’re thinking of karaoke and drunken good times with friends. And college! Oh yes college. Particularly if you went to one of a cluster of liberal arts schools, and what a bunch of creative jackasses you and your friends were, but in a great way, and how into BritPop some of them were or still are and you realize things aren’t so bad, because at least none of you dress like idiots anymore.

And all of a sudden, without realizing it, you’re in a good mood.

You’re welcome.


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