30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: “Your current relationship”

I feel insanely lucky to be in my relationship. After never quite fitting in anywhere, I met a guy who completely feels like home. He is my best friend, my partner-in-crime, and all those other cliches that sound like cliches until you meet someone you feel that way about and realize how hard it is to explain.

I remember thinking he was cute the first time I saw him, but it wasn’t love at first sight. Realizing how I felt happened as a series of moments. Once, when we were still just friends (but I knew he was into me), I dropped him off at his place in West Hollywood. After he got out of the car I remembered I forgot to tell him something. I found myself wanting to call him immediately. Sitting there, a lightbulb went off and I thought “oh my god, I want to do this and if I do, it’s going to be serious.”

See, when I met my guy he was “bad on paper.” He knows this. He had just moved to Los Angeles, barely had a job, and did not have a car. Despite how easy it was to talk to him and hang out with him, I hemmed and hawed about whether or not I could date someone like that. I eventually decided to give it a go and it is the best decision I ever made.

There is no “drama” in our relationship. There are no games or power plays and there never have been. There is total trust and respect. Some people have said to me, because of my strong personality, that they think I’m the one “in charge” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We really are partners. We’re a lot a like in many ways and are different but complimentary in others.

It’s crazy to me now to see how many people date, and actively pursue, people that don’t make them feel good about themselves. In fact, I’m thoroughly confused by most songs I hear on the radio, particularly R&B. It makes me want to remind people that it should be easy to be around the person you care about.

So I feel really fortunate. Plus, he indulges me when I want to act like Heathcliff and Claire Huxtable and dance around our apartment. In fact, he usually starts it. Now that’s lucky.



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