30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: “Your views on drugs and alcohol”

My views on drugs and alcohol are, I think, pretty much in line with my views on most things. Generally, I find anyone who is extreme in either direction about them to be crazy, because when it comes down to it, each individual is different and can handle different things. I feel like people who freak out either way are just ignorant of history, because both have existed forever.

It’s irritating to me when someone is straight edge and takes a holier than thou attitude about it. I’m equally put off by people who love talking about using drugs and alcohol so much that it sounds like they’re talking about some kind of imaginary best friend they’re desperate to defend to the world.

My father was a drug addict. I don’t blame the drugs. People with addictions tend to be people with issues, and if there weren’t drugs available, it probably would have been something else. People are addicted to all kinds of things; shopping, food, sex. Most of these things are real addictions, but they’re cheapened by people who say they’re “addicted” to them when they are really just indulgent. It’s the same way people take my severe food allergy as not serious because of how frequently people try the diet I’ll have to live on for the rest of my life as some kind of weight loss fad.

I do think that if alcohol is going to be legal then there are lots of other things that should be legal as well. So many people have famously pointed out how much less harmful a pothead can be than a drunk person. Much of the violence that surrounds drugs comes from the need to hide it.

Growing up in the time of “parental advisory” labels has also taught me that making things taboo only seems to make them more appealing. This is also why I think the First Amendment is so important. I don’t love it when Ahmadinejad is near my apartment saying crazy things, but I’d rather we let his crazy fly so we can laugh at it the way the Columbia University students did when he was there.

I’ve tried a lot of different kinds of drugs. I was curious and got what I wanted out of it. Some were fun, some were lame. The most important thing is to not hurt others while you’re using either.


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