30 Day Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: “Write 30 interesting facts about yourself”

I went to a taping of The Jerry Springer Show this morning.

I was once on a kid’s quiz game show that didn’t air.

Since it didn’t air I was invited to be on a tri-state area kids was hosted by a then unknown Mario Cantone.

I won a prize on the show by finding a piano key in a cream pie.

I practiced for that obstacle for weeks at home prior to the show by eating all my desserts without utensils.

Therapy creeps me out and didn’t take each time I was made to try it.

I diagnosed my mother’s dyslexia after watching The Cosby Show. For serious reals!

I’m crazy for Christmas in an exceedingly corny way.

In college I had Yankees season tickets.

I have a teddy bear named after Stanley Kubrick.

I was raised an only child.

I have an adorable five year old sister.

I have an amazing older brother that I met 2 years ago.

My grandparents ran a foster home for most of my childhood.

Math always came really easy to me.

Despite being Puerto Rican, I failed a cycle of Spanish in High School.

I look at chaos and only see the order it could be.

The first time I dropped acid was in high school, and by that I mean, in the building that was my high school.

I usually read a few books at a time.

I’m obsessed with the Natural History Museum and go at least once every other month, if not more.

I thought high school was awesome, even though I fully expected it to be terrible.

I thought college was terrible, even though I was so hoping for it to be awesome.

I always seem to find myself on the opposite side of most people, and not in a “mainstream versus not mainstream” way, but in a “I think you are all crazy” way.

I haven’t seen most of the famous kids movies that everyone talks about.

I can’t watch westerns or films set in deserts or in that kind of color scheme.

My father once took me on a drug deal. No wait, twice.

I’ve worked at a lot of places that people wait in long lines to go to.

I want to learn to box.

I can’t swim.

I just learned how to ride a bike this year, but I’m not quite proficient yet.




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