30 Day Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: “A time when you felt the most satisfied with life.”

It’s hard to think of a single moment when I was most satisfied with  life. First, I think of the times when I was traveling on a train, zipping  through Europe at high speeds. I feel truly free when no one can reach  me, in a country where I don’t speak the language, with no schedule  other than what I want. I am at peace then.

Anytime I am with a big group of friends I’m pretty satisfied. That’s  part of why I want a grill. Having friends over and cooking for them is  another form of joy. Walking around with a glass of wine, grilling  steaks for my friends would make be amazing, but that hasn‘t  happened yet. Recently, when my friends Pam and George were in town, a bunch of my friends came to my show and then we all went out for drinks afterwards. That was quite satisfying. There were many different groups of friends there together. It was a fleeting moment but I appreciated it immensely.

When I think of true satisfaction, I realize it is a somewhat recent concept. For the last year my guy and I have lived in an apartment that we like very much. It has it’s issues, but after living in a tiny, cramped studio apartment for two years we adore having the bedroom we have now. One thing I love about it is that we are on a part of our building that juts out from the rest, so there is no one else on any of the walls surrounding our bedroom. Two walls are out to the elements, one has our own living room on the other side, and the last is opposite to our bathroom. Since we are on the top floor of a tall building, it feels very private, as if we are on our own island floating in the sky.

My most satisfying moments lately have been late at night, when it is just him and I in our bedroom, winding down, watching television or listening to music. When I know I have done everything I could have or should have done that day, and then I get to relax with my favorite person in our own little private refuge, I feel very satisfied. We laugh a lot and try to avoid talking about work in there. It is a place of contentment. I love it.



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