30 Day Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: “Describe your first love and first kiss”

Today my task is to discuss my first love and my first kiss. As with most of the people I hang around with, those each happened with different people.

My first kiss came at the age of 16. He was some boy that I didn’t really know. My friend thought his friend was hot and that was why we were hanging out. I didn’t want to try and make it special. That was a deliberate choice. I never understood how it was that things could possibly work out to be terribly romantic, and having seen enough embarrassing moments acted out on television and reading enough stories of teenage girls being “mortified” it seemed like just another thing that would improve with practice. It happened behind a bowling alley that was recently rebuilt after a fire, which was ironic as I had just lost my home to fire.

My first love, if I can even call it that since looking back on it, it no longer looks like love to me as much as habit, was the boy I started dating later that year. He was a really good guy and we would end up dating for four and a half years. We started seeing each other during the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school and I broke it off at the end of fall semester of junior year of college. Yikes. He was tall and good looking, and relatively thoughtful, but my goodness I don’t think we could have had much less in common. When I think of him now I sincerely wish him well and I hope he has found someone that makes him utterly happy. I know I was a bitch to him just because that is what I was like then, and I feel bad about it.

It’s crazy to think about what a large part of my life he was. He really  was such a good person. I just think we kept each other company  more than anything. He also had an incredible family. They were  kind and giving and beyond welcoming.  They were also really fun to  be around and threw an incredible Christmas party. I know what he  does for a living and I’ve found him on Facebook though we aren’t  friends, but he came through and saved me a number of times. For  that I will always be grateful.


This album was one of the things we had in common, though I think  he liked the Blue Album more, but we saw them play Pinkerton in  concert as one of our first dates.


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