30 Day Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: “Bullet your whole day”

It’s funny that of all the so-called challenges, the one where I have to make a bullet pointed list of everything I do that day has to come on the day where I don’t have much to do. Rather, it is a day when I refuse to do too much, as I have been stressing out over my application to grad school and I finally sent it out. My guy has been working a lot of extra shifts and we haven’t gotten to hang out much, so we’re having a low key day together:

  • Wake up to crazy rain storm
  • Back to sleep
  • Wake up again to crazy rain storm
  • Get up
  • Read Rolling Stone piece written by Yoko Ono
  • Back to bed with my guy
  • Take in the lovely grayness of the room
  • Discuss going to store before rain storm comes back
  • Get up again
  • Check Tumblr
  • Get dressed
  • Decide to make christmas cookies
  • Go to ATM with guy
  • Go to grocery store with guy
  • Discuss price of ham (pre-packaged vs deli counter)
  • Find a deal on butter
  • Buy stuff at grocery store
  • Walk over to guy selling Christmas Trees
  • Buy Christmas Tree
  • Walk home carrying heavy groceries, while guy handled much more awkward tree
  • Have strange but pleasant interaction with one of the mentally challenged people that lives in our building about the tree.
  • Take off rain gear
  • Start typing this list
  • Make coffee
  • Set up christmas tree
  • Put lights on tree
  • Lay out ornaments
  • Trim tree
  • Bask in glory of tree
  • Realize we still have a package of ornaments
  • Be stoked about glory of tree
  • Discuss Christmas themed film options
  • Watch A Chipmunk Christmas
  • Start working on christmas cookies
  • Be impressed at guy’s ability to get butter fluffy
  • Put on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • Continue taking cookies out of oven/putting new cookies in every 15 minutes
  • Make frosting
  • Frost some cookies while other bake
  • Start eating cookies (this continues until I am ill)
  • Bake yams
  • Broil steak
  • Watch Four Christmases
  • Talk about awesomeness of tree
  • Eat dinner
  • Continue watching movie
  • Feel ill from overeating
  • Play card game
  • Watch an episode of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos
  • Win card game
  • Watch IMAX Space Station
  • Get excited when Christmas music shows up in IMAX Space Station because it brings the theme of our day full circle.
  • Go to bed



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