30 Day Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: “Somewhere you’d like to move or visit”

There are so many places I would love to live for a time if I had the opportunity. I originally thought moving to Los Angeles would be the first move of many, but I ended up back in New York City. I could live in Los Angeles again if I had to, like if I had work there or something, but generally I don’t like it as a place to live. I hate driving and chain stores make me uncomfortable. I can’t deal with the fact that there are no seasons. It messes with my understanding of how time passes and I get depressed. I require being able to walk around. But since I have friends there Los Angeles, is also an incredibly fun place to visit.

I always wanted to live in San Francisco. It’s a beautiful city and there are plenty of things I like about California. London is another place I wanted to spend some real time. I wish I had done a semester abroad there in college. I almost went to Chicago after college. I still want to spend a month somewhere learning Spanish.

I’d like to visit Iceland and Japan. I’m keen on Iceland because it sounds different than many places. Between the sun, the culture, the terrain formed by volcanoes, and the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights, I’m mildly obsessed. Meanwhile, Japan has a bunch of things I am really into. They have mountains, baseball is a big deal, and of course, a serious public transportation system. I’d love to go there for a bit.

The place I am always itching to go back to is Scotland. My guy and I  plan on getting married there (how we will pull this off is beyond us,  we just know that we really want it to happen) so it is a place we  discuss often. I’ve been lucky enough to spend two summer there so I  know it decently. Not only is it stunning, but there is so much about it  that remains untouched. I would love to spend a winter in Edinburgh.  I imagine it would be a great place to spend the winter writing. Should  a project of mine ever necessitate disappearing and working for a  while, that is the city where I would like to spend it.  The castle, the  old town, beautiful walks. I’m in awe every moment I am there.




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