30 Day Challenge: Day 17

Day 17: “Your highs and lows of this past year”

I’m going to let myself go above 400 words on this one, as it is my love letter to 2010; the best year I’ve had in…years.

Let’s start with the lows since the highs were so high:

I had terrible food poisoning.  After 5 days I was still barely eating solid food.

I have not had consistent work this year. I only really worked for six months this year and three of those were at a part time job.

The caliber of the jobs for which I was turned down would be insulting if I bothered to have any pride.

I didn’t make it out to the west coast at all. My brother and I only met recently and now that we’ve found each other I have a nephew and sister in law too. My brother was in town for a little bit this summer, but I want to see all three of them.

The highs:

Where to even begin. I came back to life this year. At the very end of 2009 I found out I had Celiac Disease. On January 1st I went gluten-free and despite a few incidents of being accidentally gluten-ed, I haven’t looked back. I got my body and my brain back.

Anytime you saw me from 2005-2009, I was chronically ill. But without a diagnosis, I didn’t know what was going on or why. I blamed myself for feeling things that I couldn’t shake no matter how hard I tried.

Now I’m 45 pounds lighter. I wear a size 2 (suck on that. Ok, you don’t have to. I mean why would you? But still, I wanted to say it). I love working out. Older people at my YMCA tell me I’m the girl that “attacks the gym,” which considering the sports fan I am, is someone I always wanted to be.

I’m sharp again. My brain works faster. I started producing two shows. A story I’m really proud of is airing on NPR stations around the US. I was pictured in Time Out NY and got notes about it from friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

I started working for The Moth and was brought on as paid staff at UCBTNY. I don’t work many hours for either, but I love both places so it’s great to be involved with them.

Between getting to work with a cool friend while having a great festival at Tribeca, to loving my incredible volunteers at my last summer with Rooftop Films, the work I did have was fun, challenging, and gave me an opportunity to see what I was capable of.

I also wrote a lot and I spent much more time with my friends than I have in the last few years. I saw Jay-Z at Yankee Stadium and he brought out Kanye and Nicki Minaj to do “Monster,” which is a sick track. I went to afternoon Yankee games and sat in the sun. I saw friends from far away that I hadn’t seen in years and they were just as great as I remembered. I danced and danced.

I’m sad to say goodbye to 2010, but I’m not scared of 2011. I’m looking forward to living as this new version of me which is very close to the person I’ve always tried and failed to be. I feel so lucky and surrounded by awesomeness that I’m going to start crying over plastic bags. I also feel like this was a transitional year. I really need work but when I look back at this year, I needed all that free time to figure out what was going on since so much of it happened so quickly. Be nice 2011.



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