30 Day Challenge: Day 21

Day 21:  “One of your favorite shows”

Since the challenge didn’t specify that I had to write about something I am currently watching, the list of shows I’ve loved is very long. I’ve decided to write about something I watch which always surprises my friends. It is also enjoyed by the person who first exposed me to the challenge: Glamsoda.

One of my favorite shows is TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress. It’s a show about Kleinfeld’s designer wedding dress boutique, the women who work there and the many brides coming in to buy dresses. Here’s where it surprises my friends: I don’t give a crap about weddings.

Kleinfeld’s Bridal boutique: Surprisingly close to the old UCB Theatre on 22nd Street

I’ve never fantasized about mine, other than knowing where I want it to happen. When I think back to being a little girl, it was never on my radar. My parents never married. My mom got married for the first time earlier this year. She and her fiance took the afternoon off of work to get it done. So, yeah, we’ve never valued it very highly. I also don’t like any of the dresses. Not really. Occasionally someone will put something on that seems to fit the little bit about them that I’ve come to know in their short segment, but generally, they like it and I think “okay.”

So why do I even like this show? I like it because, for the most part, I get to see families have a nice time. I apparently enjoy watching what others find boring; people getting along. Which I already knew since my favorite season of The Real World was London.

This show doesn’t aim to create drama. When they added Randy in the second season I thought “oh no, I won’t be able to watch this anymore” because I assumed they were going to do what every reality show does and add “drama” to every situation. But they haven’t. In fact, all the employees seem annoyed whenever anyone is wasting their time by not at least trying to be happy.

Waxed eye brows? Yes, but he’s still helpful.

The ladies who work there sound like true New Yorkers, because they are, which I find charming. Especially since even our subway announcements don’t sound like New Yorkers. I like watching moms and dads be thrilled for their kids. I do gag a little when people buy some crazy expensive dress, but it’s not for me to judge. I just like it when everyone is having a very nice time.




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2 responses to “30 Day Challenge: Day 21

  1. Michael Panacci

    Hello Daisy and Happy New Year!!!

    My name is Michael, and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    From the 31st to the 2nd I was on a ski vacation in Taos, New Mexico. This past Saturday, as I drove through the Carson National Forest to Taos Ski Valley in the Sangre de Christo mountains, I was listening to the Moth Radio Hour. Your story about your father’s funeral and how you met your brother for the first time came on when I was within about a mile of the resort parking lot. Now, I love skiing, and normally, when I pull into the parking lot of a ski resort, I bolt from my car as fast as I can so that I can hit the slopes. But, this time was different! This time as I parked my car and listened, I found myself so captivated by your story and your telling of it that I sat in my car and listened to you for the next ten minutes. I needed to hear how your story ended. The truth is that I was so moved that even though I was motivated by the promise of a spectacular day of skiing, I couldn’t bring myself to turn the radio off until I knew how your story turned out. I loved it! You are a natural story teller, and I just wanted to reach out and let you know that! Thank you for telling a great story!!!

    Yours truly,

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