30 Day Challenge: Day 22

Day 22: “How have you changed in the last 2 years?”

I’ve already dedicated quite a few words to how great I’ve been feeling in 2010, and how big of an improvement that was for my life in general. But today I am supposed to talk about how I’ve changed in the last two years, so to fill out the story, let’s go back two years to the end of 2008:

I was sitting around watching crap movies. It was two weeks since my father had died and I drained. But because I had met my brother a few days after my dad passed, I was going back and forth between being utterly useless and also excited about connecting with my brother.

Over the following weeks I completely engrossed myself in Super Mario Galaxy, or as I like to think of it, the game that let me zone out for a while, as the rest of me recovered from everything that had just happened. The following spring is a blur, except for getting a major pay cut, and starting to check out Moth shows. I had ideas but couldn’t quite get them together. The summer approached and a weird bump showed up on my foot.

After many months of confusion, combined with not being able to put my foot full on the ground, doing a physically demanding job, and spending an insane amount on bandages, I finally found a doctor that could treat my foot. I was thrilled. I was also promptly laid off as soon as I was able to really walk again. I went out west for my brother’s wedding, where my foot started acting up again, and I limped through the reception.

Back at home, with no job and a foot problem, I tried to figure out what kind of work to apply for, unsure of what I was capable of physically. Then just before Christmas, I found out I had Celiac Disease. It was not only causing my foot problem, but the ailments I’d had my entire life that seemed to be reaching a fever pitch over the previous four years. I decided I would go gluten free at the start of the new year.

Slowly but surely I felt better, and I worked through the spring, trying to adjust to eating gluten free. I felt stronger everyday, and at the end of that job, I realized I’d lost 10 pounds. And then I didn’t stop moving.


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