30 Day Challenge: Day 26

Day 26: “What kind of person attracts you”

When I look around at my friends, of all levels, from close to acquaintance, one thing becomes glaringly obvious. I love people who are curious, adventurous, and try not to be a harm to others. Those are the three things that really attract me to people in general. Anytime someone can offer a different view of the world, or is at least open to such things, we’re good.

Anytime I am having some kind of gathering I tell my friends, “don’t worry, all my friends get along with the rest of my friends” and it’s generally true. I don’t have the kinds of friends that I am nervous about introducing to other groups of friends, because at their core, they all have the above in common. Many times, especially with my guy friends, and especially with younger ones, they wouldn’t describe themselves as being curious and adventurous, but instead as cynical. But I think young men often mistake wanting people to be better for cynicism. Most so-called misanthropes that I know don’t hate people, they’re actually just let down by them. But to be let down you have to start from a place of hopefulness anyway. Plus, when you really do run into a cynic or a misanthrope, you can tell because they’re usually so hateful that you can’t stand to be around them. Which is why they have no friends. Which is why they offer their opinion so loudly and readily, because no one is ever there to listen to it otherwise.

If I were still single I would answer this challenge differently. Physically I would say I like straight dark hair, (I’m curly enough for both of us, thanks) and leave it at that. Personality wise, what attracts me is being smart, being curious, having a willingness to try new things, an ability to roll with the punches, and being the kind of person would do well in an emergency. The last one is a big thing for me. I recently realized that in my head, I have this odd tendency to categorize people by whether or not I think they would be an asset or a weakness in an emergency. My guy and I have a friend or two that I refer to as “people I love, but who we could not have with us if the zombie apocalypse happened because they would endanger us all.”


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