30 Day Challenge: Day 30 – The End

Day 30: “Your highs and lows of this month”

After one heck of a year, December was a weird month. I could barely find any work this month, whereas in October and November I pieced together enough random work to make some money. If Christmas hadn’t been in December I don’t know if rent would be paid, so that’s a low.

I got my grad school application out but it got me really stressed and took me away from everything else I was doing. So that is a high and a low. I didn’t see my friends as much because I was in it. I know that will happen if I get into school, but at least then I’m in school, which is where I’d like to be. The application itself just had me scrambling to a lot of Starbucks which I really don’t like at all. They smell terrible to me. They don’t smell like coffee, they smell like stale poop because everything is over roasted. It freaks me out the same way Subway sandwich shops do.

I had a lovely little Christmas tree. My guy and I went out to Jersey to have dinner with my grandparents, while my grandfather held a 94 year old woman we aren’t related to hostage. I refuse to elaborate on that one.

I had a great show and a not so well attended good show. I saw a few movies I really liked. I said Bon Voyage to one of my favorite friends. I ate too much and felt ill. I didn’t feel gluten ill, just overwhelmed ill, because the holidays mean always being offered the fattiest foods possible and I just can’t have as much of it in one sitting as I used to.

I didn’t get to the gym anywhere near as often as I had been. I averaged twice a week for most of December and I didn’t go at all this last week. Actually I went once, but in all my efforts to layer for walking through the blizzard aftermath, I left my work out clothes on my bed, like a genius. The next day my computer crashed first thing in the morning so I was on the phone with tech support all day. This paragraph: all lows.

But I did give blood, which always makes me feel good. The few presents I got for Christmas were stellar. And I spent time with friends. Those are highs.


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