I’ve been seeing a lot of this style of cleavage lately. Let’s just call it a style since it is not the standard definition of cleavage.

Actually, I don’t even know if you can call it cleavage since that word is defined as “the hollow between a woman’s breasts when supported, esp. as exposed by a low-cut garment.” And what we are seeing here is more than the hollow, we’re just seeing boob. And certainly a low-cut garment.

Whenever I see this “style,” be it on Coco, like above, on Christina Aguilera during the three minutes of The Voice that I watched the other night, or on that random lady on the subway a few days ago, all I can think is: where are your nipples and doesn’t that hurt?

Because it certainly doesn’t look like any of them have nipples, at least not in the place where nipples would be. And if they have nipples (which they must!) they must be in agony from holding the garment on. It’s gotta be hooked on to the nipples, no?

And I am no stranger to cleavage. I’ll be rocking hoop earrings, red lipstick, and low cut shirts for as long as I can, even though I don’t dress that way everyday. Okay, I do wear the hoop earrings everyday.


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One response to “Cleavage

  1. Her boobs are disgusting. I’m sorry. It looks like she has a massive, muscular man’s ass on her chest. And the other night on “The Voice” I swear I saw the veins in Christina’s boobs a few times. Girl, let them BREATHE! What did her boobs do to her to end up so strangled in a too-small corset. It’s boob-torture!

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