Somehow I ended up watching the TONY’s the other night, instead of the NBA Finals. It started by me flipping back and forth and ended with me only watching the TONY’s. What can I say? I’m as big of an artsy gal as I am a sports nut. From what I can tell, not a lot of people watched the TONY’s but those did agreed that it was a great show. Like, they should show the Oscar’s how its done because it was funny and entertaining in and of itself.

And it had great moments of legitimate thrill. My boyfriend works for someone who was nominated and we cheered when they won. But most of all, I was STOKED for Nikki M. James. Nikki is the female lead in The Book of Mormon, which is one of the best shows I have ever seen on a stage, and I have seen lots of things on stages.

Nikki and I attended NYU at the same time. We weren’t friends, but we were always friendly to each other, saying hello, chatting at parties, things like that. I haven’t spoken to her since college, but when she won I was thrilled. I remember how it felt when I was a freshman at Tisch, and how big all of our dreams were. For many of us, just being there was a dream come true. So to see someone from that time and place achieve what was probably her biggest dream felt really good. And she had such a great reaction! She was excited, but still got her whole speech out!

I’ve had other friends and acquaintances on Broadway, on TV, and in movies, but this connection to Tisch and remembering how excited and dedicated we all were made this really wonderful to see.

If I were 24 I might not have reacted that way. I probably would’ve been jealous. But when you stop being jealous of people, and really just take in some of the amazing stuff going on, it makes all things seem possible. Congrats Nikki! For reals.


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