Wherein I Attempt to Predict Spider-Man Reviews

You guys! Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark opens tonight. Seriously, it’s actually opening.

I saw the original Julie Taymor version. I didn’t see the reboot, but my friend did. It’s the same friend who took me to see the first version and he and we had the exact same opinion about the show. I picked his brain about the changes.

Since Ben Brantley, the feared New York Times critic, and I were in 100% agreement about not only the first version, but also The Book of Mormon, which I saw a few weeks later, I will now attempt to predict the tone of tomorrow’s reviews.

I believe it will be something like:

The changes that were made are very good, especially when you consider the restraints of the physical aspect of the show. Thankfully they’ve fixed the villain issue and completely cut out the painfully unnecessary “geek chorus,” but the show still falls short. It simply isn’t exciting enough for this much hype or money. The music remains a mix of boring and completely unmemorable. It now functions as a musical, which it barely did before, but it still isn’t a good one. One wonders, with Cirque du Soliel being a thing, why it isn’t more dynamic? 

I’m totally open to being wrong. I’m just curious to see if I’m right.

UPDATE: Looks like I was right. 


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