Hi there

This is a picture of me with a picture of Ben Kingsley. Taken at the California Science Center when I went out of my way to see the movie Hubble 3D, because I am obsessed with space and Carl Sagan. 

The Moth told me my story would be up on the podcast soon so I figured I’d put up a little note. I got a few new visitors to my site after it aired on the The Moth Radio Hour. If that is why you are reading this now then I’d like to say HELLO!

The year that followed that day was hard, but so much good has come of that meeting (I just visited my brother a few weeks ago!) and that experience that I find it difficult to be anything other than amazed.

Next, I want to tell the story of choosing to reunite with my father (very difficult decision) and what it was like getting to know him as his health declined. Ultimately, I was by his side when he died. It was an experience both awful and for which I am truly grateful.

I’m currently trying to get my writing out there, so please keep an eye out for it. I perform live storytelling all over NYC and am working on getting more things recorded for podcasts.

If storytelling is something that interests you and you don’t know how to start, I both teach/coach people in storytelling and I run my own monthly show. The show is called Sunday Stories and it happens in Brooklyn. We are on hiatus until September, but please check us out then. For more info on either, you can reach me at thedaisyrosario@gmail.com

When I listen to my own story, I really think I only did two things: I tried to take in how my brother felt and I let myself be open to the experience without fear taking over. They sound like such simple things, but they’re really hard and yet they make all the difference in the world.

Thank you so much for listening to my story. It means the world to me.



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12 responses to “Hi there

  1. robyn

    Hi Daisy,

    I enjoyed your story on the moth podcast. I thought you might appreciate it if someone pointed out a spelling error on your front page right hand description: “I take all the wok I can…” Take Care!

  2. You’re an excellent writer. I’m glad to have found you. Nice job on the Moth.

  3. Sarah

    Thank you for sharing your story. It was so moving!
    Good luck to you!

  4. Murphy

    I listened to you on the Moth podcast and your brother was right… You are beautiful. I can’t wait to read/hear more of your work.

  5. I just met my brother almost 3 weeks ago. It wasn’t at a funeral and our dad is still living. My father somewhat reminds me of the man you described your father to be like. I’m the youngest of the 3 children he has (including my new 3 week 24 year old brother) Facebook is how he made contact. After meeting we found out that we live maybe 10 minutes away from each other and have for over 10 years. He grew up in the city and I grew up in the suburbs. Our lives are TOTALLY different. He told my brother and I that he wanted to meet us before something happened to him because a lot of his friends were getting killed or locked up. Anyway… I never know what to expect with the Moth Podcast. As soon as I read the description, I instantly got excited. I’m very happy for the both of you and hope that my relationship with my brother can prosper as yours did. Peace

  6. Meegan

    I just listened to your story on the Moth driving in to work today and it made me cry which was difficult because I was stopped for a long time at a construction site and people were looking at me! I have a younger half brother I saw only intermittently when I was growing up and it always surprises me how strongly he feels about our relationship. I feel very lucky that he does and we’ve managed to be family even though things were messy. I’m so glad you met your brother and that he was so interested in you. Your storytelling is fantastic!

  7. Rajat

    Heard your story on the Moth and loved it. You truly are a wonderful storyteller.

  8. Sean Callahan

    Daisy. Loved your moth story. Could really relate, my wife made contact with her birth mother and found 3 brothers and a sister in Queens 5 years ago. The lesson on learned behavior versus inherited behavior was quite an eyeopener. I was hoping to do my own moth story about the experience some day.

  9. As someone with 4 brothers and sisters that I’ve never been separated from and can’t imagine living with out, I can honestly say that your story on the Moth brought tears to my eyes. =) You are such an incredible writer and storyteller, and I hope to come see your show sometime live in New York!

  10. I just found Moth and your story was the first one that I heard. I was listening to it as I did the dishes and loved it . You drew me in with your sense of observation of others and humility of yourself and how you balanced humor with and open heart. Bravo and thank you. You are a wonderful weaver.

  11. Hector

    I am 45 years old and have two sisters from the same father, different mother, I guess what you would call step sisters. I see them every two to three years, we rarely speak or text to each other. I don’t know why, maybe because we grew up in different households and in different neighborhoods, and live far distances away from each other, I don’t know. Hearing your story made this grown ass man become teary eyed and emotional because it hurt that I , we don’t have the same relationship that you now have with your brother, and for whatever reasons I don’t think we will. But I cheered and pumped my fist when I listened and pray that not only you and him but your entire family experience that love and connection that was made at your fathers funeral.

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