Oh Captain, My Captain

 Jeter receiving a hug from A-Rod right after hit #3000. When I watched the game, you could hear A-Rod saying “unbelievable,” in a tone that suggests he was as amazed as the rest of us. 

This was a really enjoyable read, and he makes a great point about how much we’ve seen Derek Jeter. With the technological age we live in, with the sheer amount of screens, I was thinking the other day that while Don Mattingly may have been the Captain when I was a kid, Derek Jeter will be the one I always remember most.

It is going to be strange when Derek isn’t a Yankee anymore. He was never even my favorite player (Tino Martinez and later Matsui) but he’s so focused, and polite, and well, generally good, that he’s just our guy now, our Captain, and everything will feel so different when he is really done. I’ve watched him for some of the most memorable years of my own life. He has been a constant from my high school years through now, and while he’s declined in certain ways, it’s his abilities that are declining, not his desire. This one’s going to hurt when it’s over.

It was great being outside the stadium Saturday, watching the game on the TV of a sports bar, and after a foul, watching the pitcher wind up on a 2-second delay, then hearing the roar from across the street at the Stadium and knowing that I was about to see number 3000. Though I didn’t know it would be a game tying home run, and that he would also go 5 for 5 that day, even driving in the game winning run, but it’s Derek Jeter so somehow it’s not surprising. Not expected mind you, but also not surprising. But then again I was at the World Series game in 2001 when he became Mr. November.

With Jeter, it has always felt like anything was possible, and that is one of those intangibles people always talk about. I celebrated on the street with a bouncer and a hot dog vendor.  I’ll add that one to my long list of memories. Cause that’s the thing about Jeter, that list of memories is a long one


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