Hi, I’m Daisy Rosario and I am a storyteller, comic, and writer from New York City. Usually to keep it simple I just say I am “good with words.”

Born and raised in a surreal version of Brooklyn, I got a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. In my time at Tisch I studied experimental theater and focused on solo performance. Thanks to amazing teachers like performance artist Karen Finley, I began to find my voice.

I lived in Los Angeles for a few years where I performed all over town including places like IO West and the UCB Theatre. These theaters also gave me the opportunity to study improv and sketch writing directly from some of my favorite comedy writers and performers. I also spent time in other cities like Edinburgh where I brought a play I directed to the Fringe Festival and was invited to work out a portion of a solo show by a venue producer.

A combination of silly jobs, bad breaks, and strange family situations brought me back to the New York City where I continue to perform all around town. I am a Moth StorySLAM winner and have been featured on the Moth Mainstage and on their radio show. I often go to city schools to tell stories as part of their outreach program.

I long to be a BBQ pit-master and an amateur astro-physicist. I don’t have a dog but I dream of owning one someday when it wouldn’t make it so damn hard to find an apartment.


9 responses to “About

  1. laurie balcar

    Hi Daisy,

    I just heard (KAZU NPR 90.3) your heart-touching story of meeting your brother for the first time. It was wonderful and beautiful. Thank you so much.

    I would like my daughter (Rosie, age 21), and my son (Richard, 25) to hear it because they adopted and Rosie has two siblings, adopted by another family, that she met 3 years ago. She has known about her older brother & sister for many years, but they did not know about Rosie. Rosie and Richard are very close, but unrelated. I would love for them to hear your story as you tell it.

    Where can I direct them to hear your story on the net?

    Thanks so much….

    –Laurie Balcar

  2. Christine

    hi Laurie (and Daisy) – i just heard it for the second time on my local NPR affiliate and loved it just as much as the first time i heard it, and found it online here:
    http://www.prx.org/pieces/52182-moth-radio-hour-301 (i believe you need to sign up for a free PRX account to hear it)

    keep up the great work Daisy!

  3. Paul

    Heard your Moth story yesterday, February 12th, meeting your brother for the first time….it moved me, thank you……..

  4. Paul

    Heard your Moth story yesterday, February 12th, meeting your brother for the first time….it moved me, thank you……..
    I am new to Moth….

  5. rodney

    Daisy, I loved your moth story. from bottom of down under moe vic aus rodney

  6. kate

    I heard your story on the Moth. Thanks for sharing. It was moving. I googled hoping to find a pic of you and your brother!
    Kate from Philly

    • Ah! Good point. A pic of us would be nice, but there aren’t many yet.

      There were a few, but the thing I refer to The Great Hard Drive Failure of 2010 changed that. Lost almost all my pictures from the last 8 years two days after Christmas last year.

      I’ve only seen him once since then because we are on opposite coasts.

  7. Heard your wonderful story on Moth. Beautiful. Keep telling stories. We’re all richer for it.


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